Thursday, 15 March 2012

Beautiful Home Garden Design Concept

Parks stood in front of the house is part of the first house to welcome guests. The interface needs to be organized nicely in accord with the character of the occupants.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Home Gardening

As more and more Americans grow their own fruits and vegetables, MNN digs up some dirt on this DIY food revolution.

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America’s Kitchen Garden

The infographic shows corn receiving 35 percent of funding; wheat, 20 percent; cotton, 20 percent; and soybeans, 15 percent. Money is also channeled to cash crops like tobacco, rice, and sorghum. But fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other “specialty crops”? A measly 1 percent.

Source: utne

Household Items To Use For Gardening

Have you ever thought about reusing household items outside your home, like in your garden? Below infographic illustrates how we can use 6 common household items in our garden.

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Top 10 Home And Garden Products

The below infographics shows top 10 home and garden products.

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Gardening And Its benefits

Surprising Ways Gardening Can Make Your Life

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